Your life is full of goals and responsibilities, but what about fulfillment?  Are your goals being held ``back`` by a bad back?  Is focusing on your goals a pain in the neck due to the pain in your neck? What a headache! Speaking of headaches, does that neck pain periodically crawl north and turn into a headache?  What is the name of your pain? insomnia? anxiety? pms?etc...  We treat those conditions and more with consistently great outcomes and return the energy you´re currently assigning to pain endurance back to your enjoyment and longevity, naturally.  


``This was one of the most genuine and sincere healing moments I have had. The room is quiet and welcoming and I enjoy the community acupuncture style. `` A.B.

I am an acupuncturist because acupuncture helps reduce pain and the harmful effects of stress in a way that is unmatched by anything else that works safely with your body.  It helped me with my severe back pain, my concussion, my mom through her chemotherapy, and a long list of my patients through a long list of ailments.


``The moment I walked through the door, of Grubby Halo I felt the big healing vibe. I have since received many treatments that left me feeling greatly improved for a number of ailments. Highly recommended also for Kyle's nurturing ability, as well as the incredible value!`` W.P.


We will help you identify lifestyle habits that will enhance and promote your recovery. 


``Kyle Walsh provided not only an effective treatment for my foot injury, but tidbits about healthful living which I have incorporated in to my life. This place is really the cream de la crop. I know there’s doubters who say acupuncture is placebo, but from my experience, I quickly went from having a really bad lingering dance injury on the ligaments of my right foot, to almost no pain within 48 hours after the session. I would have had to sit out my performance if I hadn’t come to Grubby Halo!`` C.R.